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  1. File not available !!!!!!
    can you upload this file again ??????

  2. It is very nice that you share these videos and we are very grateful.

    But, if you cannot upload the full version any more, I respectfully suggest you to select a few girls and upload the full time they are on screen, rather that cutting small times for a lot of girls. I appreciate much more to watch one girl from the camerino to the plateau and then have her from different perspectives for some minutes, much more than seeing short images of a lot of girls. Besides that, the images you select are biased by your personal preferences (butts), I think, so perhaps it would be better not to select images, but just the full time for just the two or three girls you like more.

    Anyway, I thank you very much again.

  3. Thanks very very much, muito obrigado!!
    Can you upload the full videos and not only só as melhores?


  4. I just love Brazilian ladies

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